Zimbabwe – Supporting Community Radio


Cooperating with the Zimbabwe Association for Community Radio Stations, Zacras, we have worked with supporting the community radio sector in Zimbabwe, starting in 2010.

The purpose was to strengthen the civil society in Zimbabwe, a country where democracy and media freedom are challenged on a daily basis.

Our goal was to prepare the most advanced local member groups of Zacras for live broadcasting by providing studio equipment, training in radio production and in the running of a community station.

Licenses for broadcasting were expected to be issued during the project period, but they are still put on hold by the authorities. Media freedom is still a long way from home in Zimbabwe, but genuine community radio is on its way.

Complete production studios are up and running in four different parts of the country as a result of the cooperation. Our four partner groups are active in their local communities making recordings, presenting road shows and participating in and creating other activities.


The groups take part in joint efforts to spread information over Zimbabwe, one of them is a project using satellite signals.

The groups are self-sustained through sponsorships and commercial activities, and they are growing by the recruitment and training of new volunteers.

The project ended in 2013 and was funded by Sida.