Tunisia – helping youth understand and use media


In the wake of the events of the Arab spring, the flow of information has exploded in Tunisia. To help the large young population to participate and to become visible in this public discussion, Swedish Radio, together with UR, the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company is collaborating with several Tunisian partners in a project to enhance Media Literacy among young people. The key partner is CAPJC, The African Centre for training of Journalists and Communicators.

A pilot, exploratory project, funded by Sida, was done in 2014. This led to many insights regarding media use among young persons in the country.

A follow-up, financed by the Swedish Institute is currently underway, involving additional local partners, such as the Ministry of Education’s research department CNIPRE, the media regulatory authority HAICA and CAWTAR, a respected women’s rights NGO. The expected output is a model for Internet based Media Literacy Education with a number of concrete examples published on a publicly accessible site.