Namibia – Modernisation and New Platforms


Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, NBC, has the ambition of becoming “the leading public broadcaster of choice in Africa”.

During almost five years of cooperation Swedish Radio has assisted in a number of ways, both in TV and radio production, in new media publishing and in general management capacity.

SR has been a part in developing better current affairs coverage at the NBC and stronger planning ability. Together we have worked out new formats for radio and TV and cross-platform production. Techniques and policies for Internet publishing were put in place and we assisted in a general restructuring of recruitment and training processes in the HR department.

Another outcome we are proud of is that radio drama was re-introduced after a long absence from Namibian radio.

The project was a Partner Driven Cooperation, financed by Sida, starting in 2009 and concluded in 2014.

In Namibia we worked closely with staff from our sister companies Swedish Television and UR, the Educational Broadcasting Company of Sweden.