Indonesia – Establishing Public Service Broadcasting


In Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world, Swedish Radio has guided the huge broadcasting organisation Radio Republik Indonesia, RRI, on its journey from working under a system of authoritarian rule towards an environment of media freedom.

In this transition we have formed a firm partnership with RRI that has continued from 2000 to 2013.

The first phases of the cooperation were directed towards creating an independent, confident and efficient media organisation throughout this vast nation.

Public Service Broadcasting as a concept was introduced at all levels and was firmly anchored at top management level as well as with the board of supervisors.

Great effort was put into improving the capacity in news and current affairs production.

Sustainable audience research skills were established in the organization and implemented at the RRI training centre.

During the long project period more than one important election took place. The training in election coverage resulted in work that was noted by international election monitors as being of high quality.

New management principles and programming rules were adopted, and awareness of importance of gender and minority issues was established.

Today RRI is a frequent winner of awards in the Asia Pacific Broadcasting union.

Organising The National News room

An important part of the collaboration with Radio Republik Indonesia has been concentrated on organising the workflow and structure of news and current affairs reporting in this big country.

The result was a centralised and structured model with a central hub at RRI Broadcasting House in Jakarta. The National News Room was created, for coordinated national news coverage and broadcasting throughout Indonesia. An entirely new news channel, P3, broadcasting 24 hours, seven days a week, was launched.

The concept of investigative reporting was also beginning to be applied in a fruitful way

Creating the Mobile platform

The rapid growth of new digital media in Indonesia has created a demand for mobile solutions. During the concluding phase of our partnership Swedish Radio has been able to help Radio Republik Indonesia to gain a presence on millions of Indonesian smart phones.


The mobile platform project has resulted in the creation of the present RRI app, “RRI Play”, an application for mobile phones that contains more than 80 radio channels, text, images and video