Ethiopia – Radio for rural development

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SR MDO cooperated with Amhara Mass Media Agency, a regional radio and TV-station in the Region of Amhara, during the years 1996 – 2004.

The collaboration was part of the framework of a Rural Development project in the Region.

The support aimed at preparing the Regional Radio & TV for the transformation from a state authority into a parastatal organisation, ultimately to introduce the Public Service concept.

We held a number of training courses in management, journalistic and technical skills, mainly on site in Bahar Dar, the capital city of the Region, but to some extent also in Sweden. New appropriate equipment was installed and in 1997, AMMA, as the first Regional Radio station in Ethiopia started daily one-hour regional live radio programs on medium wave.

In May 2002 AMMA started FM Programs over Bahar Dar, with four hours live broadcast per day

A platform for the establishment of an internal training centre was also established as a part of the collaboration.