SR MDO, the Media Development Office of Swedish Radio was established in 1996 with the mission to design and implement development projects and collaborations all over the world.

We have since that time conducted collaborative development projects in the broadcasting sector in a dozen different countries.

We belong to the Swedish Public Service broadcasting organisation which consists of three different Public Service media companies, Radio (SR), Television (SVT) and Educational Broadcasting (UR).


SR MDO’s primary goal is to promote free and independent media everywhere with the purpose of strengthening democracy, freedom of expression and social development.

Our fundamental idea is to bring all the knowledge and competence that exists within our large broadcasting organisation to use within our projects. Swedish Radio, SR, has more than 1 500 employees, ranging from reporters and journalists in all kinds of special fields, presenters, producers, technical experts, administrators, managers and others. So, even though we are an office with only a handful of employees, we have the entire pool of know-how in all fields of broadcasting at our disposal.

We have a well-tested way of involving these resourceful people into our projects in order to achieve highly practical, on-site, hands-on training programmes, suited to the relevant needs of our partners.

We can also collaborate with our sister companies, Swedish Television (SVT) and UR, the Educational Radio and TV, in our projects. This expands our scope even further since it gives us competence in all types of broadcasting and digital media.

The Media Development Office can thus offer a wide spectrum of training, from management and organisational matters to hands-on editorial and technical skills under practical conditions.

Our mother company, Swedish Radio, is a Public Service company, shielded from political and commercial influences, and we are passionate about the principles of free media and freedom of expression.

SR broadcasts on FM in three channels nationwide and 24 regional channels and has a huge presence on Internet, social media and mobile platforms. We have been on the air since 1925, and SR is regularly rated by the Swedish public as the most trustworthy institution in the country.

SR is funded by license-fee. Our collaborative projects, however, are always funded by external donors and organisations. Funding has so far most often been provided by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida. We have also been funded by  ILO, the International Labour Organisation, the Swedish Institute as well as, in some cases, by the partnering companies themselves.


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